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Ok I post an image to the internet exposing it to be downloaded without a watermark so I can't expect people not to download the image and I am fine with that but please don't make money on the back of my hard work, which granted is highly unlikely but still don't abuse my trust or I WILL HAVE TO SEND THE BOYS AROUND for compensation. Seriously though don’t; just enjoy them for what they are.



Mask and Multipass Toolbox by ItiseyeMeeSzark
Mask and Multipass Toolbox
I am so happy that this product has been made…  A long time user of the Surface Mask Creator by Dreamlight, which was finally coming to the end of it compatibility with Daz Studio, I am happy to share a promo I did for the new Script  

All the changes made were done via a series of masks and manipulated in Photoshop to get the final look.
Amy PW by ItiseyeMeeSzark
Amy PW
And here is the postworked version. Nothing was done to the image itself but more of using Perfect Effects 8 and layering a HDRI > Subtle pass above the main render at 50% opacity, next layer up a Sharpen > High Pass > Pass and then lastly a Portrait Enhancer Layer > Natural Pass. Saved as PSD and then from Photoshop saved as a JPG. Interesting effect when you look at the subtle differences compared to the last one.

I like working in Photoshop and Perfect Effects 8, much prefer Photoshop though. I thought I knew a lot about lighting and surfaces but this threw me a spanner when Gamma Correction is one. This is my third render in DS 4.7 with GC on at 2.20. Two images haven't been posted yet for reasons that will come apparent in the new year. All 3 images have had some serious work on surface settings and light to get a good contrast in light and dark but at the same time keeping the shadows lighter than black.
Amy by ItiseyeMeeSzark
Taking all the comments from here Troubled Take 2 by ItiseyeMeeSzark and on the DAZ3D forums I redid the light intensities to get a better contrast, set the camera lens to 90mm and increased the specular settings. Dropped the UE GI and used UE2 IDL with soft shadows. I used the Softbox preset, set Saturation to 50% as I didn't what the HDRI colour too strong. Occlusion at 75%, IDL 30%. I left the for AOA spot lights in as IMO they are best spots lights I have ever used. I had all the spots set to Squared light Fall off giving me more control on how bright there were in relation to how close or far away the spots are. I also redid the tattoo on her arm as I overlaid the tattoo instead of using the Multiply blend mode. The last image I used Steph 4 lips texture map as I was trying to get a more natural look, here I used Amy's face texture map and spun a few dials the make the lips thinner.

I used Gamma Correction at 2.20 and the get a better contrast I had to set UE2 at 5% and lower the diffuse strength on all surfaces to 60%

Render time 7 hours
DS4.7 no postwork
Troubled Take 2 by ItiseyeMeeSzark
Troubled Take 2
I always wanted to redo <da:thumb id="376950515"> but the scene file was lost a while ago due to my only slave drive going pop. So I had to rebuild the whole scene. After looking at all my Skin texture sets I settled on Amy… as to me it had the most detail.

This is half of an exercise in testing Uber Surface 2 and AOA SSS Shader base. The AOA one is rendering. Both take about 20 hours to render given I have thrown everything at it. AOA Advanced Spots (x3) set to Squared Light Fall Off, AOA Advanced Ambient Light and Uber Environment 2 GI (Global Illumination) Also Gamma Correction enabled set to 2.20. Yes some postwork was done but to be honest only minor things like the Stretched Freckles on the arm/shoulder, adding a background and a little sharpening with a High Pass filter set to 1 pixel and blended via the Overlay blend mode.

I added the tattoos to the texture maps in Photoshop. Uber Hair shader for the hair. The clothing is Dynamic Tee, Frozen and set to collide with a geometry shell (hidden). The eyes are maps for Actual Eyes for Genesis using Uber Surface 2 also. I found it the better option. The sclera maps comes from Dimension Theory's Reinterject for Genesis 2 Female(s) cut out and put on a different Genesis eye map from Actual Eyes so it wouldn't have a problem with different UV's. I also added the V4/M4 ageing displacement maps just to give a little extra detail in the face. If I had Zev0 aging maps I would have used those instead.

I will post the AOA one when it is done. Should finish rendering about this time tomorrow. Provisionally I am liking Uber Surface 2 better as IMHO it is easier to set up the SSS Scattering and Absorption colours than trying to figure out the split RGB values of AOA's SSS Shader Base. Also specular in AOA's shader seems more fiddly than US2. But one thing I have noticed AOA does backlighting so much better than US2 but I must admit I didn't adjust the Back Scatter Boost setting in US2, my bad. I might have a play with that over the weekend.

Update: Oops wrong image posted.

 I am happy to report the Bald Wizards Co-operative's (division of the Bald Wizards Club) first tutorial, well Quick tip really, "How to make a Mapless Shader" is on page 32 of Issue 5. You can get the latest issue here

There will be more to come, possibly in this ezine, the Daz 3D Store and some freebies we have nearly completed. Initially these will be aimed at newcomers to Daz Studio and when they are complete we will continue with Intermediate level tutorials. Well got to learn to walk first.

 Watch this page for future developments and release dates.

 Thank you for your support

 On a personal note I would like to apologise for my absence in commenting on many of the galleries I watch. I just don't have enough hours in the day after writing tutorials, taking screenshots and adjusting them in Photoshop, learning more about DS and Vue and life in general.

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I've been using Daz Studio and Poser for about 9 years on and off. I took a long break from 3D the other year but I'm getting back into it with Poser 10 and the latest DAZ Studio. I'm feeling inspired to make images again which is good! :)
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Great work.
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